Here are some quick facts on a Create the Crossover presentation:

MESSAGE: Live for something bigger than you!

PHILOSOPHY: When people leave mediocrity to live for greatness, they have no room in their lives for drugs, alcohol, and the social ills that are ruining lives and communities.

MEANS: Dan Occhiogrosso mixes crazy dribbling drills and tricks into an interactive presentation of his own personal basketball story.

VENUES: Create the Crossover has been presented at many different public, private, and parochial schools, as well as camps, conferences, events, and colleges.

SETTINGS: Auditorium stage, Gymnasium, or outdoor blacktop.

AGES: The presentation is easily geared towards whatever age group to which it is being presented. Kids, teens, college students, and adults of various ages and backgrounds have enjoyed Create the Crossover and given postive feedback.

TOPICS: The message of living for something bigger than yourself is easily applied to topics such as substance abuse, bullying, fitness, abstinence, self-esteem, and coping. Specific issues can be discussed and emphasized based on a certain school’s needs or the purpose of a specific event.

COST and AVAILABILITY: For availability, pricing, and booking information, please contact us at Please include Jay Gittleson at A Vision in Motion ( in your email. Create the Crossover is pleased to be partnering with A Vision in Motion to help bring this powerful message to even more schools and events throughout the country!

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