Once you are helping to save lives on a daily basis through The X-Fund, you can help us spread the message of Create the Crossover everywhere!

3 Simple Things You Can Do:

1. Stay updated and involved through our updates: You can sign up for our email updates on the right side of this web page to get the latest Create the Crossover news and updates. Also, you can follow us on Facebook by becoming a fan of Create the Crossover!

2. Follow our webposts, take action, and join Ball for Lives in saving lives around the world! Each week we update CreatetheCrossover.com with new ways that you can join us in saving lives. You can help make our events and projects huge! If you are receiving our emails and Facebook updates, you’ll know every time we post an opportunity.

3. You Can Help Bring Create The Crossover to a  School, Camp, or Church!

  • Want a Create the Crossover assembly in your school, camp, or church?
  • Know a student, teacher, or administrator that could help bring Create the Crossover into their district?
  • Know a youth group or church that would be excited about what we’re doing?
  • Show them CreatetheCrossover.com and tell them to CONTACT US!
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