God had blessed Ball for Lives with some incredible friends who are also doing what we do: using our talents and abilities to show people His Love.


If you are serious about becoming a great basketball player, we have an incredible way for you to help save lives! Sam Sisely, a PHENOMENAL ball handler, has a website filled with FREE instructional basketball videos. How can a basketball website save lives??

Popular, free websites make money right? Just look at Facebook, Google, Yahoo,  and all the advertising money they make. Now imagine a website with free instructional videos becoming one of the biggest basketball sites on the web. You can help make it happen! And as the site makes money, Sam donates it to Ball for Lives to help save more lives.

Check out what “Sizzla” is doing and a VERY impressive ball handling video on our page¬† IMPROVE YOUR GAME!


Ready to bring an incredible basketball event with a powerful message to your community? Our good friend, Gian Paul Gonzalez turned down contracts with the Los Angelos Clippers and Dallas Mavericks in order to start his own basketball team named 4-One. Take a look at how you can help change lives right in your own community on our page READY TO PLAY?

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