Every Create the Crossover presentation ends with an invitation. For us, it’s not enough to simply enter the world of an audience for 45 minutes, tell them to live for something bigger, and then leave them on their own to reenter the reality of their lives. The goal of Create the Crossover isn’t simply to inspire them with what Ball for Lives is doing to save lives,  but to offer them specific ways that they can join us.

Ball for Lives runs 3 projects, each of which God is using to save and change lives around the world. We invite you to join us!

1. Join The X-Fund

2. Spread Create the Crossover

3. Help Dribble the World

What God is doing to save lives is so much bigger than us! Check out what friends of Create the Crossover are doing to help save lives, and how you can join them, in our post FRIENDS OF CREATE THE CROSSOVER.

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