Ready to inspire your church’s youth to help change lives for the glory of God?

Much like our public school assembly, Occh shares with youth groups his own personal basketball story through entertaining dribbling skills. However, throughout the presentation, he shares that what always inspired him to work so hard throughout junior high and high school was his belief that God would use his efforts for His glory. Through much failure, he clung to Ephesians 6:8:

“knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord” (ESV)

What God was doing in Occh’s life as a teenager is what led up to the entire ministry of Ball for Lives. As youth see pictures of him dribbling the New York City Marathon with a basketball to rescue African orphans, they realize that God wants to prepare them as well to do amazing things for His glory! Even more, once they hear that God used his race to start Dribble the World, they see that God working in their life can literally change the world.

But the goal of our youth group presentations doesn’t stop with simply inspiring. We want to give your youth specific, simple ways that they can begin saving lives the very night of the presentation. Occh ends by specifically inviting them into a project that encourages them to live pure, connects them other believers in your church who can encourage them to do so, and daily enables them to help save the lives of those suffering terrible injustice across the globe.

We call this project The X-Fund, and encourage you follow this link to watch a very powerful video:


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