Want to bring Create The Crossover into your Christian School Chapel?

I am so thankful for my time at Hackensack Christian Schools in Hackensack, New Jersey. I learned so much about God’s Word, and really gained a heart to follow Jesus with all of my life. However, you know how school is no matter where you go: bells, classrooms, homework, grades, tests, papers; it can become extremely monotonous for both students and teachers! Now add the Bible into that institution, and sadly, it can seem monotonous to many.

When I present Create the Crossover in Christian Schools, my goal is to help students who have already heard the gospel many times see the reality of it lived out. When students see pictures of people across the continent dribbling running events because of what God did through me at the New York City Marathon, they begin to realize that God saved them “in Christ Jesus for good works” as well. There are few greater joys in my life than seeing those who are lost in religious monotony, see what the gospel actually looks like.

The format and details of the presentation are similar to our public school assemblies but clearly direct in what the “bigger” is that they can live for.

Create the Crossover also offers students specific ways to get involved in saving lives. The X-Fund, the third extension of Ball for Lives, is an invitation to begin saving lives the very same day of the assembly. I encourage you to check out a very powerful video on our post: The Vision of the X-Fund.

It would be my privilege to bring Create the Crossover into your Christian School.

CONTACT US if you are interested!


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