Each Create the Crossover presentation is given with 3 goals in mind:

1. We want youth and adults alike to know that they can live for something bigger than themselves. Hearing Occh’s story about dribbling the New York City Marathon to save African orphans inspires people to realize that their one life can be a part of something great. Hearing that since then over 25 races have been dribbled to save lives enables people to see that if they live for something big, their lives can affect countless others! Once that change (crossover) is created in people’s lives, they have no more room for drugs, alcohol, violence, or anything else that will hold them back. Better yet, they will be motivated to work hard, set goals, and treat others with kindness, becuase they have learned that life is so much bigger than them!  

2. We want to give people specific ways to join us in saving lives around the world. Create the Crossover is not just another presentation that motivates people and then leaves them to try to change on their own. Each assembly ends with an invitation to join us in not only saving lives globally, but also in changing lives right here in our own communities! On CreatetheCrossover.com, we continually offer ways to get involved with us at Ball for Lives. For ways you can specifically get involved today, check out our Help Us Save Lives page!

3. We want everyone to know that Jesus Christ is “the bigger” that we live for! Although we do not speak openly about God in our public school assemblies, our entire story of living for something bigger is simply a picture of what Jesus has given us through His death and resurrection. In our Christian School and Church assemblies, we want each believer in Jesus to know that God saved them from their sins to do great things in this world for His glory. Find out more about this Jesus, and the incredible opportunity He has given us to live for something bigger than ourselves: The Real Crossover.

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