Who We Are: Create the Crossover is the second extension of Ball for Lives, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Dan Occhiogrosso’s motivational presentation, “Create the Crossover,” mixes entertaining dribbling skills with the incredible story of Ball for Lives to inspire others that they too can “live for something bigger” than themselves. Read more about us on our WHO WE ARE page.

Our Mission: Each of our Create the Crossover presentations are given with 3 Goals in mind. To see our purpose in spreading the vision of Ball for Lives in schools, camps, and churches, read more about OUR MISSION.

Our Motivation: What motivates us to inspire people to live for something bigger? What do we believe the “bigger” is? Hear from Dan Occhiogrosso, the founder of Ball for Lives, in our video post: OUR MOTIVATION.

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