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When schools ask me to present Create the Crossover to Seniors who are about to go on their prom, what do you think they want me to talk about? Drugs, Alcohol, Sex-the things that teenagers are supposed to be doing after prom, right?

We at Create the Crossover have a greater message than simply telling students what NOT to do after prom; we want to inspire young lives to imagine what they COULD be a part of on that amazing weekend!

What if Create the Crossover offered High School Seniors an alternative to the stereotypical prom weekend; something that was way more exciting, a lot more fun with friends, and filled with memories that would last a lifetime?

Check out an amazing opportunity that Seniors from Hudson County New Jersey are taking:

4 High School Seniors, taking the money and days off they would have used for prom weekend to go to the Dominican Republic and work with orphanages and an elderly home. Amazing right!! Now imagine if this idea spreads, and all the amazing things God could do to share the love of Jesus around the world.

3 HUGE Ways You Can Be Involved:

-Post this Video on your Facebook page and spread the word!

-Tell someone specifically who you think would be a good person to skip their prom in the future to come with us to the DR! (maybe that person is you : )

-Donate to help these students financially cover the cost of their trip. This 8 day trip will cost each of them $900, and these guys are working hard to earn the money. Your gift can help them make it! DONATE HERE

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3 Responses to “Better than Prom Weekend?”

  1. Peter & Cheryl

    Jun 01, 2011

    It is amazing that young people would devote their time to the Lord at such an occasion as Prom Weekend. I thank the Lord for their faithfullness and pray blessings on their work over there in DR. God bless you guys!

    Peter & Cheryl

  2. […] If you are inspired to help Allen and 4 other seniors who are going with us, you can donate online on the right side of this webpage, or mail checks made out to Ball for Lives to 395 Park Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022. You can check out the full story of these amazing seniors on CreatetheCrossover.com! […]

  3. Sarah Nesheiwat

    Oct 27, 2011

    Thank u for coming to our health class today. you made me think personally that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. i would love to help you but sometimes i guess i have to make the right decision so when i the prom time comes i will have made it. :D thanks again. i will keep this option open.

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