MHS Junior Prom Assembly

Posted on Apr 13, 2011 by in Featured Articles

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Memorial High School Juniors,

How did you like the pre-prom assembly today? I hope you were inspired to realize that you can live your life for something so much bigger than drugs and alcohol, and that you can start living that way TODAY!

Thank you so much for accepting my challenge to watch these two short videos. Get ready to watch one of the most powerful videos you will ever see:

Remember I told you about a project that would begin changing your life TONIGHT, and allow you to help save lives around the world? Here is The X-Fund:

Ready to live for something bigger and more satisfying than using drugs, getting drunk, and giving yourself away sexually? You can put your first coin away tonight, you can find your mentor this weekend to collect them, and you can join us in saving lives around the globe.

Want to know more? Visit this link: THEX-FUND.COM

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