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I would say the majority of people on Valentine’s Day do one of two things: they either make the day all about one person, or they spend the day unhappy because they don’t have that one special person in their lives.

This Valentine’s Day, Ball for Lives invites you to take the focus off of yourself and offer the love of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering most around the world. Check out this extremely powerful video:

“Imagine what you can do”

We at Ball for Lives take those words very seriously! We believe that this issue has the power to inspire people to begin living for something bigger than themselves.  Check out what we will be doing this Valentine’s Day!

4 ways we invite you to join us in saving lives this Valentine’s Day:

1. Join The X-Fund!! In this project, your life can literally save lives daily! If you haven’t heard about The X-Fund yet, check out another VERY powerful and inspiring video here: The Vision of the X-Fund

2. Once you have joined the X-Fund yourself, you can take this Valentine’s Day to be a voice for these precious children. Whether you want to put on a dinner to spread the word like we are or simply tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about the project, you can use this Valentine’s day to help make the X-Fund huge and rescue more lives from slavery!

3. Spread the videos, stories, and vision of Love 146 everywhere. Educate yourself and be moved by this incredible organization at Love146.org

4. If you are in the North Jersey/NYC area, come to our X-Fund Valentine’s Day Dinner! For more information, check out our Facebook Invite.

As Paul said in I Corinthians 13, “Love does not seek it’s own.”

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