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Thank You to all of you who helped make the 2010 4-One Main Event at Memorial High School a huge success!! God blessed us with a night of great basketball, amazing performances, and a powerful message. How can you help us use this incredible event to make even more of a difference?

1. Become a fan on Facebook of Create the Crossover and sign up for our email updates (on right) so you can stay updated on helping us put on future events!

2. Become a fan of 4-One on Facebook and visit their website 4-One.org. Spread what they are doing all over!

3. If you are not from MHS, contact 4-One and invite them to come to your school! help us bring this event to your school!

4. Find out what 4-One is really all about:

5. If  you liked this video, help spread it everywhere by posting it on your Facebook page!

Much more coming soon. Thank you again to everyone who made this event huge!

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