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One day when I was subbing, I saw a sheet of paper on the teacher’s desk that read, “Dear Faculty, Do you have any talents and abilities you would like to share with the student body? If so, sign up for the Faculty Follies!”

A teacher talent show? Immediately the thought popped into my mind: Why not dribble to music?!! I had never done it before and had no clue how I was going to do it. But the thought turned into a vision, and soon the vision turned into action.

So after about 10 hours of choreographing (never thought I would hear myself say that!) the dribbling to the music, it was time to perform. A sellout crowd of 500 kids that see me in the hallways everyday, students I had grown to love over the past 4 years, packed the Memorial High School auditorium. Needless to say I was nervous!!

My arms were shaking, and my stomach was completely in knots. I remember standing behind the closed curtain praying, telling the Lord it was all for him. As my name was announced and the curtain opened, the kids went crazy, having no clue what this white substitute teacher was going to do with a basketball in his hand.

As the ball hit the floor, I think 500 jaws simultaneously dropped. Even more than the dribbling itself, these kids were shocked that it was “Mr. O” doing it. I had a talent the world didn’t know about, and all this time it was hidden from people who saw me everyday. As the music ended and the curtain closed, the place erupted, and I experienced an incredible satisfaction of knowing that God had done, and began, something amazing in my life.

This video is a performance I did about a year later at my school. Two years later I’m doing motivational assemblies all over the country, motivating people to live for something amazing, something so much bigger than themselves.

The God who created me and gave my talent to dribble, is the same Person who “Created the Crossover” within me. He started something in my life that allowed me to “live for something bigger than myself.”

Want to know what He has done in my life, and what He wants to do in yours? Check out my story in our video post:


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14 Responses to “The Beginning of Create the Crossover”

  1. Alex M.

    Jun 12, 2009

    u got mad skillz, yo wen u came to ma skool i was flabbergasted u did moves i never saw B4

  2. Benny

    Sep 21, 2009

    good job, that was amazing. you got talent man

  3. terri gelpke

    Jan 29, 2010

    I was subbing at South Amboy High School and was lucky enough to see an outstanding motivational speech. You are amazing and i belive you could really relate with the students You really are doing something positive for our children keep up the great work my son is in middle school in sayreville he loves basketball and i wish he could see you do those dribble drills i know his whole basketball team would enjoy it also Mrs. terri Gelpke

  4. olivia

    Oct 25, 2010

    I love youu occh!!! you are sooo cool!!

  5. WWHS

    Oct 28, 2010

    You have skill. What you do is amazing!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOOOOD WORK

  6. fallon

    Oct 28, 2010

    when you came to my school, iwas blown away by wat you do and how you use your ability for volunteering. the lesson I have learned is that I should volunteer more and make a difference.

  7. Abdulraouf

    Oct 28, 2010

    Ooch was a great basketball player at the same a great helper. He uses his abilities of working hard to help disastered people. If I have the same insistance as Ooch I would definitley help.

  8. NEEL

    Oct 29, 2010


  9. Graceann

    Oct 29, 2010

    Oh my goodness Occh where do I begin. Wow! you are da best basketball player i have ever seen. You did so many skills and tricks with the ball that during the whole entire assembly my mouth just dropped about 20 feet long because that was amazing what you did. I especially liked the trick where you sat on the chair and then you dribbled the basketball under and around your legs extremely quickly. Since you came inside our school i have thought alot and deep of what your message was. That if i practice more of what i really want to do in my life and really focus on it i can become a champ like you. Therefore, i can raise money and help the sick children and raise money for people with diseases. I really think that what you are doing is very amazing helping kids with morality. You were so good and now you have encouraged me to accomplish anything in my life and achieve my goal and also not let anything bad get in my way. Also, i can help the ones in need. Thank you.

  10. WH

    Oct 30, 2010

    Thanks so much for coming to our school Occh. You not only showed us an amazing talent but sent us a great message. Anyone can change the world. Personally I learned to use my talents, not only for my benefit but for the benefit of others.

  11. schweibel

    Oct 31, 2010

    I am very impressed that only one man doing something so liitle can change that many lives and attract so many people to one thing. I am inspired that he ran a marathon with a basketball. It has inspired me to try the same but with a lacrose stick

  12. Melanie Cieciuch

    Oct 31, 2010

    Ooch is an incredible basketball player, and I am astonished by how he is using his skills in a generous way.

  13. Carissa

    Oct 31, 2010

    What you are doing is incredible. You must have a lot of courage to do this all the time all over schools. I completely support what you are doing and I have to say don’t stop and keep it going!

  14. Jasmine

    Nov 05, 2010

    The assembly you had at my school was really cool! Your basketball tricks were amazing, and the story you told us about your life was really inspiring! I love what you do, and it makes me want to do something big to help others! Thanks!

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